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Screw Machine Parts Manufacturing

Our bar fed cnc screw machines provide Abratec Swiss with the flexibility needed to service our customers wide ranging needs. Multi-axis CNC machines provide super precision, high capacity machining to meet your machining needs.

Our blend of state-of-the-art CNC and screw machine equipment, efficient manufacturing processes, and complete dedication to our customers has positioned us as a leader in custom machined parts for for the global industrial marketplace.










We utilize a streamlined approach to part processing and manufacturing having developed relationships with expert vendors to be able to manage all aspects of manfacturing that include black oxide metallurgical processes, grinding, heat treating, etc. Our vendors work closely with us to meet your quality, pricing, scheduling, and delivery needs. Here’s a quick tour of our production machining facility.

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Counter spindle 9 axes, c axes Parts capacity : 10mm x 90mm


Abratec manufactures precision turned parts up to 16 mm.

Abratec est active dans la fabrication de pieces de collets jusqu'un diametre de 16 mm.

Abratec ist im Bereich Drehteile bis zu 16 mm Durchmesser tätig.

E-MAIL: sales@abratecswiss.com


Abratec Swiss Precision: Your Partner for High Quality Swiss Manufactured Precision.

Abratecswiss is a full service screw machine company supplying a wide variety of precision components, from the very basic to the very complex out of a wide variety of materials. We offer years of experience in the manufacturing of Bone Screws and Medical fasteners, Connector components (sockets and contacts), Automotive, Aero Space, and Commercial applications. Some of the various materials machined are: Titanium, Stainless Steels, Steel, Aluminum alloys, Beryllium Copper, Leaded Nickel Copper, and many others including some plastics.

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