Your manufacturing source for precision

Make ABRATEC SWISS PRECISION your manufacturing source for precision and micro components used in medical technology, laboratory science, aerospace, and defense applications
View of Abratecs shop and machinesView of Abratecs shop and machines

About Us

All-CNC high precision, complex turning, milling, (gun) drilling/tapping of challenging metals to single digit micron tolerances and final finish in a single operation.

Our highly skilled craftsmen maintain precision tolerances and take pride in their work.

Swiss Quality

As a general rule, the better the quality of production means the better quality of the manufactured goods and better sales for the company. This is well known by top producers worldwide and they choose Swiss machinery to equip their factories!
Closeup of a Swiss CNC pieced showing the extreme qualityCloseup of a Swiss CNC pieced showing the extreme quality
Close up of Abratecs Swiss CNC MachinesClose up of Abratecs Swiss CNC Machines

The Equipment

Our bar fed CNC screw machines provide Abratec Swiss with the flexibility needed to service our customers wide ranging needs. Multi-axis CNC machines provide super precision, high capacity machining to meet your machining needs.