What makes Abratec Swiss special?

As a general rule, the better the quality of production means the better quality of the manufactured goods and better sales for the company. This is well known by top producers worldwide and they choose Swiss machinery to equip their factories!

Switzerland is a main producer of innovative machines and tools. The products offered are of high quality, top precision, and excellent reliability. In 2002, 100 suppliers of machine tools in Switzerland produced machines worth US $2.5 billion.

Swiss suppliers concentrate on developing tooling solutions that are tailored to the customer’s specific needs, applying the latest technology available. In addition to precision and reliability, their emphasis is on ergonomics, operational and servicing efficiency.

Cutting and grinding tools, dies and measuring instruments are the key ingredients for top quality manufacturing. Tools made in Switzerland, due to their ingenious geometries and innovative coatings (i.e TiN, TiAlN, TMax, etc.), show extended operational lifetime with less wear, factors which directly affect shop floor costs.
With a yearly volume of US $2.5 billion, Swiss tooling suppliers are world renowned and rank fifth internationally with just 100 companies. Our suppliers are part of this group.

Swiss Quality​​​​​

​​​​​Abratec employs a multi layer inspection system to ensure quality throughout the entire manufacturing process. From acceptance of the P.O. to the final inspection of the out-going product, ABRATEC’S employees are empowered to make critical inspection decisions. This enhances the reliability and repeatability of all the parts manufactured. Structured to meet the MIL-I-45208a spec., and with a goal to become ISO certified, ABRATEC is still flexible in meeting specific customer inspection requirements.
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The employees of AbratecSwiss, are dedicated to:
Recognizing that no task is so important as to jeopardize health, safety, or the environment. Providing products and services that exceed customer expectations. Developing a challenging and rewarding work environment. Continually improving all aspects of our business.

Our projects are highly customized and often one-of-a-kind. As a result of this non-repetitive business, our quality system ensures that we systematically and proactively manage all phases of our work in process. We can effectively minimize risks to functionality, cost, and schedule.

​​​​​​​AbratecSwiss is committed to being the preferred global supplier for research, development, and manufacturing in precision parts. To achieve our strategic vision we must meet or exceed customer requirements. We will realize this goal by establishing and maintaining outstanding Quality and Quality Assurance Systems. Every employee at AbratecSwiss is dedicated to defect-free work, following established procedures, and delivering products and services that are world-class!